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artpimpin's Journal

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A community for all folks interested in the various aspects of the art world.

We intend to create a strong network of beginners and experts (and all in between) at selling, promoting and creating various kinds of art.

Posting rights are by request/invitation. Please contact either occipitaldruid or nyx_hemsut at artpimpin2003@yahoo.com.
In your e-mail, please include a bit about yourself and what you do relating to art. We are looking for artists of all types, vendors, publishers, event coordinators, etc. Also, don't forget to include your livejournal name, as well.
Serious requests only, please.

Once a member, please introduce yourself and your connection to the artworld communities:

1. Your specialty.

2. Brief bio (including location, if you are comfortable sharing), whatever you would like readers to know about you and your work.

3. What information you are interested in finding out about through this network.

4. What information you can share with this community (about festivals, contacts, etc.).

Although we are not big fans of rules, some small ones are needed for smoothly maintaining this community, and those who cannot abide by them will be banned from posting.

1. Photos are allowed and encouraged! Please post them behind links.

2. Music files are allowed and encouraged! Please post them behind links.

3. Adult material must be a friends-only post and behind a cut specifying it contains adult material. Any posts not following this rule will be deleted.

4. You are encouraged to pimp your work after you have introduced yourself.

5. Long posts must be behind a cut.

6. This is a great place to find other artists for collaboration of projects.