Virtue is relative, at best (nyx_hemsut) wrote in artpimpin,
Virtue is relative, at best

Cross posted in personal journal

just wanted to give everyone a glimpse into my anorexic sketchings.

katefruit and I were going to be dorky and happy and create a few goddesses in a modern setting. I wanted to do Bast, and I figured she'd get a real kick out of being a stray street punk.

Weirdness. That's about it. Thinking it would make a cool watercolor sometime.

I really have no idea. I was drawing a swank body, but it was at the top of the page and I quickly ran out of room. Damn do I need to practice hands.

This was a sketch for something I decided my V:tM character (oh holy lord, I'm playing a Toreador) did. She's of Mediterranean/Middle Eastern descent and she's all about the stylization and the mythology and the crazy pretty scenes. And stuff. So I came up with a pretty picture, and it's making shadorunr's character famous. ;)
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