reg (erisreg) wrote in artpimpin,

yet more,..

okay so i'm a bit bored tonite so two posts,..

this is silver fabrication with the large stone is erissite(or leaverite, a rockhound joke, its a stone i picked up in the driveway , some type of quartz)the small satilite stone is turqoise,the side pendants are carnillian agate and the beads are rose quartz and green beryl, (back lighting in this photo washed the color from the beads some)strung on softfex(a type of improved tigertail)
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Groovy. Me likey. Not something I'd wear, personally, but nifty nonetheless.
thanks,..yah, not your every-day wear,and i almost never (did i say!?) wear the low cut garment it looks the best with,..heh,.
randoming by...that is most excellent silver work!
i kinda let the muse drag me along in the creation of these, but i usually am happy with the results