Virtue is relative, at best (nyx_hemsut) wrote in artpimpin,
Virtue is relative, at best

Not enough poetry

Hey kids. Felt like dragging out some old, crazy poetry and sharing it.

Be afraid.

Ritual 10-12-01

A flaunt of feathers
And a show of strength.
You give me
Preconstructed intellect
In words looked up
This morning
At breakfast.

Is it mating season already?

#5 1-16-01

Looking at your face
Makes my still heart hemorrhage
Because I love you

That one was a school assignment. I gave my teacher fits by putting hemorrhage in a haiku

Mom's poem 3-14-02

I catch myself, extending an arm
To keep stationary.
I catch my breath, holding it in
To fight off the dizziness.
Light-headed from worry and hesitation
I realize the wall I grasp for support
Is nothing
And I wonder;
Why am I holding my breath
When I could be holding you?

Mom requested I write a poem for her wedding and that's what came out.
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